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Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Presbytery of the East

POTE World Outreach (WO) Team (6 REs & 6TEs)
RE Michael Sywulak, Chairman

Class TE/RE Name Church/Org Email Address Telephone #
TE 22 TE Marcos Ortega Goodwill EPC


TE 22 TE Keith Fink Great Valley EPC


814-233-8403 (c)


RE 22 RE Nancy Cimprich Deerfield EPC 856-358-3807
RE 22 RE Robert Labutta Fourth EPC TBD/TBE
TE 23 TE (Vacancy) Manoa EPC

215-384-6132 (c)


TE 23 TE Daniel Moore Guinston EPC

717-246-4445 (h)

717-309-8118 (c)

RE 23 RE Daniel Obenschain Fairview EPC 610-286-5013
RE 23 RE Tom Johnson Grace Covenant EPC 610-864-7485
TE24 TE Tom Unkenholz Harrison EPC 914-309-9012
TE24 TE David Feiser Round Hill EPC 484-557-4655
RE24 RE Mike Sywulak, Chairman Great Valley EPC 484-844-9812
RE24 RE (Vacancy)      
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