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Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Presbytery of the East

Resource Team (6 REs and 6 TEs)
TE Matt Blazer, Chairman

Class TE/RE Name Church/Org Email Address Telephone #
TE 21 TE Roger Spence Retired/Active 215-233-2385
TE 21 TE (Vacancy)
RE 21 RE James McClelland Faith EPC 703-971-7381
RE 21 RE (Vacancy)
TE 22 TE (Vacancy)
TE 22 TE (Vacancy)
RE 22 RE (Vacancy)
RE 22 RE (Vacancy)
TE 23 TE Paul Bammel Bethany EPC
TE 23 TE Brad Moger Bellevue EPC 860-985-7831
RE 23 RE Holly Lazzaro Langhorne EPC 215-962-0802
RE 23 RE (Vacancy)
Subteam Responsibilities:
Pastor for Friday Evening Worship Service (in coordination with host church):  TE Matt Blazer
Session Records Review:  Subteam Responsibilities:  RE Larry Godley
Communications:  TBE upon amendment of the POTE Bylaws

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