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Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Presbytery of the East

Ministerial Committee (6 REs & 6TEs)
TE Daniel Moore

Class TE/RE Name Church/Org Email Address Telephone
TE 22 TE Robert Norris Fourth EPC 301-320-2439
TE 22 TE Jose Rodriguez Goodwill EPC 845-343-8247
RE 22 RE (Vacancy)
RE 22 RE (Vacancy)
TE 23 TE Daniel Moore Guinston EPC
TE 23 TE Ken Buck Transitional Pastor, Twin Tiers EPC 856-669-7965(c)
RE 23 RE Steve Ranier Reston EPC
RE 23 RE (Vacancy)
TE24 TE Stephen Chang OOB 909-837-8954
TE24 TE T.M. Moore OOB 865-385-1081
RE24 RE Don Nichol Church at Ridgebury EPC 845-794-1409
RE24 RE Joe Slesinski Goodwill EPC 845-344-7355
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