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Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Presbytery of the East

Is the $23.00 per member asking (PMA) paid to the GA shared with the POTE or is the POTE per member asking (PMA) separate – does the PMA paid to the EPC also fund the POTE?

The two PMAs are entirely separate. The Presbytery of the East’s (POTE’s) PMA is $13 per member and the GA’s is $23 per member. The GA does not share its PMA with the EPC Presbyteries—it is for funding the work of the GA on behalf of the denomination.

How frequently should my PMA be paid?

The Presbytery (Executive Council, Treasurer, Stewardship Team) prefers that you send the PMA monthly or quarterly, rather than waiting until the end of the year. This immensely facilitates the preparation of the POTE budget for the future year.

Where do I send my PMA?

PMA’s should be sent to the POTE’s Assistant Treasurer at the following address:

Mrs. Christine McElroy
402 Edmonston Drive
Rockville, MD 20851

Is there a video that I can show my Ruling Elders that gives them an idea of the events of the annual General Assembly meeting?

Churches may access the video after the GA meeting at the link provided on the GA website. If the link is not available, please contact the POTE’s Stated Clerk or Assistant Stated Clerk.

Is there a guide for the Clerk of Session procedurally and if so where can we obtain it?

The Resource Team’s Session Review Sub-Team has written POTE guidance, which is available to local churches of the POTE once they have been received.

When submitting my Session Minutes for the Session Review Sub-Team, do I have to submit the original book within which my church’s minutes are maintained?

No. The Session Review Sub-Team asks that churches NOT submit their original Session Minutes and NOT submit the book in which they are maintained. Churches should submit their Minutes by bringing a copy or on a flash drive to the Presbytery meeting at which they are due or submit them electronically by email to RE Larry Godley at per the schedule for submission. Electronic submission is preferable

How can I verify when my church’s Session Minutes are due to be submitted to the Session Review SubTeam?

The schedule for submission of Session Minutes is posted on the POTE website under TAB “Minutes Schedule”.

I and my church are being examined to be received at the current POTE meeting. Why do the sign-in sheets not list me under the list of Teaching Elders and why are my ruling elders not on the list of Ruling Elder Commissioners?

The sign-in sheets represent the status of Teaching Elders, Ruling Elder Commissioners, and Candidates Under Care as of the date/time the meeting is called to order. If a pastor, church, or Candidate Under Care is received at the current meeting of the Presbytery, the Pastor’s name, the names of the church’s elected Ruling Elder Commissioners, and the names of Candidates Under Care will appear on the sign-in sheets of the next Stated Meeting, or a Called Meeting if applicable. The church will be advised after the completion of the meeting at which the pastor and church are received the number of Ruling Elder Commissioners they can elect and send to the POTE and General Assembly meetings for the remainder of the year.

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