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Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Presbytery of the East


Executive Council (2022)
Moderator (2022) TE Bruce Clydesdale
OOB Chair, Ministerial Committee TE Daniel Moore Guinston EPC
Past Moderator (2021) RE Glenn Rossi
Oreland EPC Chair, Church Development Team RE William Snyder
Faith EPC
Moderator-Elect (2023) RE Bob Tongue
Christ EPC Chair, Resource Team TE Matt Blazer


Covenant EPC
Stated Clerk (2022) TE Ron Meyer
Fourth EPC Chair, Stewardship Team RE Jody Hart
Christ EPC
Assistant Stated Clerk (2022) RE Lanah Hamrick
Faith EPC Chair, Training Team TE Bonnie Gatchell< /br>
  Chair, POTE WO Team RE Michael Sywulak
Great Valley EPC
Chaplain (2020/2021)
TE Ken Buck
Tel:  856-669-7965 (c) 
Assistant Chaplain (Unlimited)
TE Dan Krodel, Retired/Active
Tel: 717-887-7564 
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